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Braslav National Park






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Recreation facility "Braslav Lakes" in Belarus
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Excursions tour program.

    1. Castle mountain - former reinforced settlement of 5-18 centuries in Braslav. The area is 2 ha. No buildings have been preserved, but the banks and slopes are in good condition.The settlement faces a beautiful view on the city and Drivyaty lake panorama. The story about the settlement initiation, legend about the names of the lakes, the life of the legendary doctor Stanislav Narbut. (45 min)

  2. The visit to open-air cages of wild animals typical for Belorussian Poozerye: wolves, roes, foxes, brown bears, wild boars. (45 min)

  3. "The visit to the Light-house Mountain" is one of the best surveillance points of the Republic, where you can see panoramas of the Strussovo lake (13 sq. km), the Snudov lake 23 (sq. km). Those, who did not visit the Light-house Mountain, will not believe that there are such surprisingly beautiful places in Belarus. The view of the lakes, a visit to a curable springs (you may take water containers and the water wills till be good for 1 month.) Nearby there is the Okamenitsa tourist parking, a number of shedded tables, a WC. A stop-over can be arranged for a snacks. ( 1.5 hours).

  4. "Invitation to a 12th century". The former reinforced settlement of the 5-13th centuries with a total area of 1 ha. The trading factory or the advanced-guard of the Polotsk Knihghood guarded by Vikings. The clothes and decorations. About 100 runic inscriptions on bones are found here. Beautiful panorama of the Braslav's lake group can be observed. (45 min). (45 min).

  5. Environmental path laid along the Slobod chain is famous of natural monuments. When you rich the top of the chain you will feel the breathtaking view of the eastern part of Braslav lakes. (2.5 hours).
  6. Environmental path along "Mezhozerny" nature rserve. Arrival by bus, walking afterwards for 1.5 hours. Introduction to forest formations, lakes "Snudy", "Volos Severny". (2.5 hours).

  7. Environmental path along the former landscape park "Belmont". The former estate with a very complicated history and destiny connected to a well-known Plyater family. A huge park with valuable ancient things has been partially preserved. The age of certain trees reache 200 years. (1,5 hour).

  8. Excursion to Druya. In the course of the excursion the tourists will get acquainted with the "Boris" stone - a monument of 12th century epigraphy, the first stone structure in Braslav area, which used to be a church and a monks settlement in 1646-1643. Druya blossomed in 17-18ths centuaries when it was owned by the Sapeguy family. The total history of Druya accounts for around 20 churches. (1.5 hour).

  9. The Braslav traditional culture museum. Exposition of weaving, curving ceramic, wood processing goods. Souvenirs can be purchased. (45 min ).

  10. Local history museum in Braslav. The museum consist of 6 permanent exhibition halls which reflect local historical events and one extra exhibition facility. The personnel of the museum provides the consultation on Braslav history and culture issues.

  11. Ornithology tour. Watching in the wild of forest, water birds. Group - up to 10 persons. Needed clothing and equipment - a cap, long sleeve clothes and binoculars. (2-4 hours)

  12.Catholic church in the village of Mossar which is famous outside the Braslav district and throughout the entire Belarus. You will get to know about the Saint Ann's catholic church (1972), a spring, a museum and the adjacent territory which is so well maintained. (3.5 hours)

  13. "From church to church". Architecture. Blessed Virgin icons. Importance of the icon, prayers, bell rings. The rout: Saint Johan Baptizer catholic church (beginning of the 20th centuary) in the village of Opsa, Saint Jackob catholic church (beginning of the 20th centuary) in the village of Pelicany, church (beginning of the 20th centuary) in the village of Drisvyaty (architect Shpakowsky), wooden church in the village of Drisviaty (Architect Vitan-Dubeikowsky), the highest catholic church in Belarus in the village of Vidzy (1909-10913). (3.5 hours) Options to other churches are also available.

  14. Excursion to lady' Efrosinya the Savior monastery, Sofia cathedral of the city of Polotzk, The museum of weaversof Poozerye. (5 hours)

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It can be seen that the city Braslau is located in the heart of the vast expanses of water.


lake Drivyaty
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