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Braslav National Park






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Recreation facility "Braslav Lakes" in Belarus
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  The species diversity of animals and plants in the park lays down the basis for the development of the elite environmental tourism. Environmental tourists and wild nature lovers can be offered to see the elks, boar, roe, beavers, foxes, raccoons, badgers, wolves and the traces of their activities. The optimal number of environmental tourist group is two persons. . The territory of the park is inhabited by 84% of the bird species nesting in Belarus. Only here you can find the nesting of sandpipers and the little terns. The only nesting site of dunlins in Belarus is in the vicinity of the parks lakes. . The core of the ornitho-fauna is represented by the species environmentally connected to wetland and forest biotopes. We can guarantee black grouse displaying for a group of 5-10 people. The amateurs of ornitho-fauna can get their satisfaction watching in the wild at thrushes, cormorants, grey herons, black storks, hissing swans and other nesting and migrating birds.

  Best time:

Animal and bird species
Best time of the day, place
Probability to watch at 5-balls scale
January-March Elk, roe, fox, hare Morning, evening, moonlight nights
March Wolf moonlight nights
April Elk, roe At winter crops Morning, evening
April-may (mating and nesting period) Birds  
June-Juky Roe, boar, young ones, birds Evening, night, Daytime - boars!
August Roe (mating period), birds, boar  
September Elk (mating period), roe, boar, beavers From the tower
October Elk, roe, boar Moonlight night
November Elk, roe, boar At winter crops at night
December Elk, roe, boar Night

  Ornithologist tour

Optimal group number is 5-10 persons. Continuity is on the desire of the customer.
Equipment: a jacket, light clothing of not bright colors with long sleeves, rubber boots and light foot wear for a change, a cap.

Optical instruments: binocular-mandatory; photo camera, optical tube, dictaphone - as desired.

Subjects of watching Period
Mating games of water fowls: (Podiceps cristatus, Fulica atra, Anatidae) April
Forest birds: Accipiter gentiles, Accipiter nisus, Buteo buteo, Bonasa bonasia, Tetrao tetrix, Scolopax rusticola, Columba palubus, Cuculus canorus, Strix aluco, Asio otus, Caprimulgus europaeus, Upupa epops, Jynx torquilla, Picus canus, Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopus major, Dendrocopus leucotos, Dendrocopus minor, and more than 50 spesies of Passeriformes April - June
Broods of the forest and water birds June - July
Water fowls concentrations during migration August - September

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Braslav on Googlemap

  Take a look at our lake from satellite altitude through Googlemap

Braslav on the map Google

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It can be seen that the city Braslau is located in the heart of the vast expanses of water.


lake Drivyaty
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