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Braslav National Park






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Recreation facility "Braslav Lakes" in Belarus
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The hunters service of the National Park is formed on the basis of the best forestry in Belarus. During last twenty years a lot of biotechnical measures have been implemented to preserve and to increase the number of wild animals. The poaching has been eliminated. The shooting down of harmful predators is conducted throughout the year. Due to these measures the density of wild animals has become quite high.

In the last three years the Ministry of Natural Resources issues big amount of licenses for the elimination of wild animals: boars >300, roes >150, elks > 50, beavers > 100.

Every year we have customers from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, UAE, Moscow, Saint Petersburg. For certain types of hunting we can guarantee the elimination in natural hunting conditions. The majority of the hunters leave us with unique trophees.

  The subjects for hunting are hoofed (elks, boars, roes), fur animals, martens, marsh and grass animals, wetlands and water fowls, migrating geese. There is an elite type of hunting for wolves.

  The following types of hunting are practiced in the experimental forest and hunting farm:
  • collective hunt - chasing the animals to the shooters line,
  • individual hunting,
  • wetland and water fowl hunting,
  • fur animals hunting using traps,
  • wolves hunting (with flags, from an ambush) and others.

После удачной охоты   The hunting farm administration provides the full package for arranging the hunting tours including invitation, pick-up, comfortable accommodation, hunting and taxidermist services.

  The right to hunt in Belarus for foreigners is granted in case of availability of hunter's documents issued in the country of origin. All other aspects of hunting arrangements are born by the National Park.

We can provide:
  • documents for bringing in and out the arms and ammunition (please, remember that you are not allowed to use the military type of arms and ammunition, pneumatic arms, small bore riffles, pistols).;
  • meeting at the airport,
  • taking you to the destination place and back
  • interpreter,
  • hunting license,
  • hunting arrangements including transportation and skilled hunters services,
  • preparation of the hunting site,
  • preparation of trophies for transportation,
  • preparation of documents for export of trophies,
  • accommodation in comfortable hotels or hunting houses,
  • belorussian cuisine with traditional or ordered dishes (including the ones from the game)
  • guarded parking,
  • Russian steam bath,
  • Interesting excursion tours.

  Types and terms of hunting.

1. Geese from March10 to April 10, drakes, black-grouse
and woodcock males from April 1 to May 10.
2. Roe males from May 15 to September 30.
3. Hazel grouse from the first Saturday of September to the last Sunday of October.
4. Wetlands and water fowl, woodcocks and quails from the first Saturday of August to the last Sunday of November.
5. Boars (except for the mature females) from May 15 to September 30, from December 1 to January 15 (this year born and selection types).
6. Elk males selection and trophy from September 1 to 30.
7. Elks, boars, roes from October 1 to November 30 (except for females).
8. Hares from the first Saturday of October to the third Sunday of January.
9. Wolves, foxes round the year. Best time after snowfalls (December-March).


The Braslav hunting grounds are represented by all types peculiar to Belarus and occupy the area of 224 012 ha.

  Forest hunting grounds occupy 34%, wetland - 18%, field - 44%, others - 3.9%. The central place is "Belmont" forest massive (Total area is 35 thousand ha) with different pine, fur tree and mall leaved trees formations. This forest is especially attractive due to its cranberry bogs with small islands covered mostly by pines, which are hard to reach. Only skilled naturalist or hunter can feel himself at home in this forest. Druya forest dacha massive (Total area is 10 thousand ha) is prevailed by pine trees with red bilberries and a good road network.

The forest has really good conditions for visitors who wish to hunt.

  Wetlands make up approximately 20 % of the total area. Thanks to that the fields,the forests and their inhabitants always have the healing moisture. Around 300 lakes of the forestry create excellent conditions for sustainable existence and reproduction of a big number of animal and bird species. A big outline of the forest due to small contour of the fields and the developed agriculture deserve positive marks from hunting farm point of view.

  The relief of the territory is quite hilly. The diversity of the relief creates good conditions for plants growth and extends its species composition, increases the mosaics of hunting grounds and creates the protective factor. A big diversity of biogeocenoses at the area of 200 thousand ha provides the conditions for watching the wild life and such rare species as elk, beaver, otter, badger, mink, wolf, bear, lynx, willow grouse, black stork, caipercaille, grey goose, golden eye, cormorant, black grouse, osprey, hissing swan etc.

The local people conduct the European style of hunting.

The hunting itself is done outside the National Park area. The distance from the accommodation to hunting areas is 15-60 km.
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Волгоград http://prostitutki-volgograd.com/.


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It can be seen that the city Braslau is located in the heart of the vast expanses of water.


lake Drivyaty
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